Quick sketches of the human action of travelers moving about the airport.,done in a few minutes or less to capture gestures of the great variety of people on the move. this airport studies are a unique type of drawing,

 Individual prints or groupings of prints of sketches are available. Please contact the artist regarding availability and pricing, 2brennan@optonline.net or 203 261 5968 

The airport offers an extraordinary opportunity to observe the unique actions of travelers as they hurry across the huge space, wait in line, dash to catch their flight, rest against the snack shop counter, stop for a drink of water, etc. Mothers gather up the young ones, the lone teen-ager listens to his CD. The idiocyncracies of human personality and behaviors are wonderful subjects for study. On display here are twenty 30 second to 1- or 2-minute gesture sketches that I have done during my travels over the years. They are left in their raw state, unedited. The sketches are not titled and are presented as numbers.