Shaped canvases ,a unique form of abstract art that stands out from the wall and features 3d shapes of complimentary colors,

Canvas stretched and shaped over underlying armatures creates the foundation for expressions in color and form. Construction techniques vary from one piece to the next. The final result is a series of works which share the concept of the three dimensional relief but vary greatly in form ,color and overall expressiveness. A brilliant yellow star differs greatly from a dark form that once contained a human body.  Then there is the lively dialogue between circle shapes and square lines which radiate out from the center of the composition all the while creating spatial ambiguity.Each work has to stand on it's own unique merits and it's capacity to speak to the viewer. 

Works project four to six inches from the wall and are enhancements to any contemporary collection. [see also constructions in the award winning  'White Series']

 Works offered for sale .Please call regarding availability and pricing, or 203 261 5968.