For me abstraction takes many forms.A painting of a window inspired by Surrealism feature an enigmatic carpet flying through space ,another a crow serving as witness to impending catastrophe including the voyage of the Titanic. There are realistic fruit  defying gravity and floating above a table. Music inspired oil paintings feature subtle blues and violets. There is the oil painting of red and its cousins,April Window is rendered  in the subtle colors of the grey of early spring. Non objective paintings which use color,shape texture and other art elements express their own emotions and be powerful,quiet and sensitive as well as provacative. such pieces can be visually inspiring as well as an aesthetic addition to any home.

 It is the exploratory nature of abstraction that interests me. 

​Works offered for sale. Please call regarding availability and or 203 261 5968

​​Abstract and Non-Objective Compositions

​Robert Brennan Artist Modern abstract paintings in oils and watercolor