Please send us your response to my website and the art work represented here.Which of the work did you find interesting? Do you have any suggestions regarding our website? I recognize the diversity of the work but ,in my stubornness refuse to become one dimensional in my approach,Wherever the ideas lead me, I tend to follow. This is not very popular with commercial art galleries which expect that an artist will have only "one style" which will become "one product" ,easily recognizable and more easily marketed . I am pleased to offer my work through my website and studio. The advantage for the collector is a monetary one,the 50% markup of the gallery is missing. Please contact me with your thoughts or questions and /or to arrange a studio visit to view the work  "in the flesh"

Best wishes,Robert Brennan

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Robert Brennan Artist

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+1.203 261 5968 or 203 218-3002